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Fungal Toenails

What is a fungal nail infection? Fungal toenails, or ‘Onychomycosis’, is a fungal infection of the nail plate and is a very common issue treated here at Dubai Podiatry Centre. For some, it is mostly a cosmetic concern, though poses a more serious concern for those with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, immunosuppressive and […]

Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with a fungal nail infection, or think you show signs of it? The next step is treatment and preventing it from returning. At Dubai Podiatry Centre, we closely examine your nails to identify the cause of the infection and discuss preventing it from coming back in the future. Fungal nail spores […]

Written by Michelle Champlin BSc Pod., M.Ch.S., S.R., Ch., (UK) For fungal toenails there are a few treatment options – but which is the best for you? We asked Chief Podiatrist Michelle Champlin of Dubai Podiatry Centre to explain in simple terms the latest treatments – you can also find out more about the signs […]

Chief Podiatrist Michelle Champlin of Dubai Podiatry Centre shares her advice on pedicures, polish and toenail health. Is it bad to keep nail polish on for weeks? What are the main issues that people come to Dubai Podiatry Centre for? We see men, women and children in equal numbers. Anyone who’s got a pair of […]

  This article will focus on a type of fungal infection that affects the feet when you are trying to sleep. ‎سيركّز هذا المقال على نوع من العدوى الفطريّة التي تصيب القدمين عندما تحاول النوم For example, a person suffering from this will go to sleep at night then wake up with very hot, dry […]

  Poorly controlled Diabetes can lead to poor circulation, dry skin, decreased sensation and calluses. These can increase the chances of developing a fungal infection. Fungus can cause itchiness, redness and cracking of the skin. If the skin breaks down the fungus can cause infection under the skin. If the blood glucose levels are high […]

Flatten your Curved Nails Curved nails are where one or both of the linear aspects of a nail starts to form down into the skin to form a curved shape. Having curved nails is a common problem and can cause great distress to the surrounding skin which can lead to pain, inflammation and even infections. […]

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