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Types of Fungal Toenail Infection

  I’m going to show you four different types of  basic nail infections.  سأريكم ٤ أنواع مختلفة من التهابات الأظافر    ‏The first one is when you have a skin fungal infection that spreads underneath the nail plate and infects the nail from underneath and upwards. It creates this wavy surface underneath the nail plate. […]

  In this picture, this is a perfect example of a toenail which looks clear, healthy and shiny. نرى في هذه الصورة المثال المثالي عن ظفر إصبع القدم خالٍ من الشوائب وصحيّ ولامع   ‏However, nine months ago there was a fungal infection from the root to the tip of the nail, as well as […]

What is a fungal nail infection? Fungal toenails, or ‘Onychomycosis’, is a fungal infection of the nail plate and is a very common issue treated here at Dubai Podiatry Centre. For some, it is mostly a cosmetic concern, though poses a more serious concern for those with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, immunosuppressive and […]

Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with a fungal nail infection, or think you show signs of it? The next step is treatment and preventing it from returning. At Dubai Podiatry Centre, we closely examine your nails to identify the cause of the infection and discuss preventing it from coming back in the future. Fungal nail spores […]

Written by Michelle Champlin BSc Pod., M.Ch.S., S.R., Ch., (UK) For fungal toenails there are a few treatment options – but which is the best for you? We asked Chief Podiatrist Michelle Champlin of Dubai Podiatry Centre to explain in simple terms the latest treatments – you can also find out more about the signs […]

Chief Podiatrist Michelle Champlin of Dubai Podiatry Centre shares her advice on pedicures, polish and toenail health. Is it bad to keep nail polish on for weeks? What are the main issues that people come to Dubai Podiatry Centre for? We see men, women and children in equal numbers. Anyone who’s got a pair of […]

    This diagram shows a healthy and regular nail that has an intact cuticle. The nail is cut straight across and filed slightly at the edges. This will limit the potential for fungus to get inside the nail and in to the nail root. يظهر هذا الرسم التوضيحي ظفرًا صحيًّا وطبيعيًّا مع جليدة سليمة. […]

  These are a few very simple and easy steps for a healthy nail.  هذه بضع خطوات بسيطة جدًّا وسهلة للحصول على أظافر صحيّة   Firstly, keep the cuticle intact and never trim and remove it. When cutting the toenails, cut the nail straight across and file the nail slightly at the edge. أوّلًا، حافظ […]

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