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There are many different types of fungal nail infection.

The nail plate can have a simple superficial fungal infection that can develop from wearing socks and shoes for too long, having toes that cross over one other and smother one nail or keeping nail polish on for too long. These types of nail fungus are very easily treated by cleaning the top of the nail. The Podiatrist will use a diamond drill to finely polish the nail like the dentist cleans your teeth with. Application of an anti-fungal nail lacquer on to the top of the nail will prevent further fungal growth for some time.

A deeper, more stubborn type of nail fungus is found in the nail root, nail plate and also under the nail plate on the nail bed. This type resistant to treatment with oral and topical anti-fungals.

The only way to clear this type of deep rooted fungal infection is to remove the nail plate from the root and apply antifungal medicine to the exposed nail bed and nail root. This will allow a fresh and healthy nail to grow back again and the natural shape of the nail to return rather than the curved and split fungal nail. See the photo of deep nail infection from before and after. The nail took 11 months to completely grow back and have 2 trimmings to look like this normal nail again. Make an appointment to discuss your fungal nail options.

The Dubai podiatry Centre has been in Dubai on Sheikh Zayed road for 18 years. Our doctors are specialist in the foot and leg and can easily treat persistent and painful foot corns.

There are different types of feet for different ethnic groups all over the world. With Indian feet, we see most have high foot arches and excellent foot position. However, this gives a problem with the weight-bearing aspect of the foot. The high load areas from heel to fore foot when there is a high arch in the middle means there is excessive pressure under the bones of the forefoot.

With most Indian feet, there is very little fat pad underneath the foot. This means the bones press against the skin and painful callouses and corns develop. We are specialized in these cases and we make special innersole to be worn with shoe to lift the bones back up again for three months. A special device which is easy to use can be used in the house to pull the skin layers back to normal. For severe corns, there is a corn removal treatment available to remove deep tissue corns also. Flying from India to Dubai is easy and a big appointment will be made so that all your treatment can be carried out in the same time.


By sending photographs and messages through WhatsApp to our telephone number 00971503553024, we can organize the best treatment for you and give you a cost plan before making your appointment.

A plantar wart is a painful lesion on the foot. It is a localised virus which can already to surrounding areas or even the fingers of picked at.

The virus depletes the blood flow to the area. On magnification using a microscope, reddish-black spots can be seen. These are the tiny blood vessels called capillaries, that have been starved of blood flow and darken as a result. The nerves are also pulled up and out towards the surface and constricted which is what causes pain.


Using the suction device at home every night for 10 minutes after a bath or shower to soften the area improves the blood flow and helps the body to fight the virus by providing healthy tissue to the area.

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Gentle Warts Removal System

Watch the video below on how to use the product.

At the Dubai Podiatry Centre, we are world renowned for our foot and ankle correction for flat feet using our orthotic laboratory in our clinic. We have made it even easier for patients to get their treatment completed. Using the latest technology we can make three different types of orthotics that are worn six weeks apart to lift and align parts of the foot without requiring return appointments to Dubai. This means that you do not have to travel to Dubai every six weeks for the next step of the orthotic process. All the stages are completed in one single appointment and we remind you when to use your next orthotic to move to the next stage of your treatment.

We can keep in touch using WhatsApp using video and photos if necessary to see the progress of your foot and to check the alignment on completion. This treatment plan was devised to see if your time and money on return appointments to Dubai. We are excited to be able to provide the service to our Saudi patients.   For appointment, contact us: Call: + 971  4 3435390 WhatsApp: + 971  50 355 3024 To book online: Click here

At the Dubai Podiatry Centre we have made it even easier for our Saudi patients flying or driving in to Dubai for the weekend or a day visit.  Our work famous foot correction with orthotics and insoles is dedicated towards Saudi patients so that they only come to our clinic one-time therefor saving travel time and costs. The orthotics and insoles are all made within the same appointment in our laboratory while the patient waits. With the new advanced technology, we can make the orthotics within one hour and also make multiple pairs as the foot begins to change position. Each pair of orthotics is worn for six weeks and then the next pair is worn for the next six weeks as the foot advances, the arches lift and the ankle becomes straighter.

When booking the appointment, make a note to tell the reception that you are flying in from Saudi so that we can make you a longer appointment and have the entire team on hand to make all of your orthotics and insoles for you during your single visit. We hope our Saudi patients enjoy their dedicated service in providing foot care to them at the Dubai Podiatry Centre.

Call +971 4 3435390 for appointments or click here to book online.   Click here to check Saudi’s Insoles and Orthotics Treatment Plan

Patients from Abu Dhabi can benefit from all ingrown toenail, corns , plantar warts and callous treatment procedures and insoles and orthotic being made within the same appointment. This means that there is no need to return or wait for a long time coming from Abu Dhabi. With the latest 3-D printing process for insoles and orthotics, they can be made for each patient within 20 minutes. For ingrown toenails, warts ,verrucae, corns- all treatments are carried out during the appointment for your convenience. You can also book your appointment online (click here to Book Online) mentioning that you are coming from Abu Dhabi so that we will make you a bigger appointment. Or if you telephone: 043435390 or WhatsApp: 0503553024 we can make you a longer appointment to accommodate all your needs.

For mother the gel moisturizing booties keep the feet soft and smooth and can be worn around the house
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For dad a pair of sports insoles for his running shoes for his new years resolutions. Wore a packet of hot foot cycle relief foot tapes to prevent burning in the forefoot for long distance cycling

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 Hot Foot Relief Tapes


Grandmother beauty and the bunion helps to keep the big toe straight and take pressure off of the joint

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For grandfather a pair of cushioning gel insoles can be worn in every pair of shoes for comfort

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The short leg always has knee pain on the inside. During high levels of activity the longer knee will pain on the outside and give Iliotibial Band tightness. The shorter leg will have a lower foot arch and the inside of the shorter leg knee takes the strain. An orthotic that is specific for this condition will align the pelvis instantly. Left and right orthotic will be very different from each other.


Did you know you don’t have to cut a corn out to remove it?
A corn forms from an area of high pressure. under the ball of the foot it always develops when one of the ‘knuckle bones’ drops down and pushed through the muscle layer and fat layer. It causes burning and pain. The corn will eventually disappear on its own if you lift the offending ‘knuckle bone’ back up and the corn stops growing and normal skin takes over.
Use Foot Corns Tape for 28 days to lift the bones back up.
In severe cases you might have to lift and tighten the entire foot using the  Footerella System for 6 weeks to structurally correct the foot also.
Using Bunny Pads gives instant cushioning and can be used to give pain relief.
 Using the Corns Suck helps to repair the collagen layer faster to remove the corns very hard keratin plug.

High arches is termed “Pes Cavus” . The heel bone is called the calcaneus. With a high arch the calcaneus sits at a different angle. The back of the heel bone presses on the Achilles tendon and the under surface of the heel bone pulls the insertion of the plantar fascia on the bone.

Wearing a shoe with a raised heel orthotic with a fore foot arch extension to stretch out the medical foot arch will correct the biometrics of this problem. It affects the longer legs heel more than the other. If the problem is not corrected then a boney swelling can develop at the back of the heel called a “Haglund’s Deformity“.

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