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A 4D orthotic can be made with multi-functions. Instead of having one orthotic for work shoes, another for the gym, running and for weightlifting, we can make a 4D orthotic that can cope with all of the above.

For example, the foundation shell of the orthotic is made from a material that can withstand a certain amount of force and body weight. As you increase the body weight by lifting a heavy weight at the gym, there is another active component that engages when the existing orthotic shell begins to fatigue under very heavy loads. Another moving component is also a firm foam sponge added in certain areas on the orthotic that can cope with a lot of movement such as during running. The foot needs greater flexibility during running and the active component allows movement during that activity.

For example, if you are using the same orthotic to walk in, how will it respond to lifting 80 kg of weight at the gym? It should be able to move with your body in response to the 80 kg of weight that you’re lifting – that’s what makes this type of orthotic 4D.

Another type of 4D orthotic can shape the foot into a different position over time in response to the outside stimulus of the orthotic. If the ankle leans in 32° and flatten the arch by using an orthotic that corrects the 32° tilt change the position of the arch and makes the foot smaller as a result. This is a 4D orthotic in action.

Plantar fasciitis orthotic gives mid foot arch support so the plantar fascia can relax and not pull taught to keep the arch in place. Even though the pain is in the heel the orthotic is designed for the arch lift which reduces the tensile stress on the fascia which consequently reduces the pull on the insertion of the fascia into the heel.

Yellow toenails can be found after removing nail polish that has been kept onto the toenails for too long. It is often thought that it is the pigment colour from the nail polish, but in fact it is due to the waxy-lipid material in the nail plate that becomes rotten and changes to a yellow colour from being masked by nail polish for too long.

Moisture is lost from the entire skin surface of body, including the skin surface underneath the nails. The nail that is attached to the skin is flexible due to the moisture that comes up and through the nail plate. However, if the nail is covered with nail polish creating a waterproof barrier, the moisture builds-up in the nail plate and the lipid-waxy substance begins to rot. This is what makes the nail turn yellow.

There is not much that can be done apart from leaving the nail to grow-out and keeping nail polish on for no more than 1 to 2 days. Even the most hygienic nail polish should be removed after 1 to 2 days of use, instead of keeping on for 1 to 2 weeks. The foot is an extra moist part of the body compared to the hands. It’s high concentration of sweat pores means the feet stay moist for longer, which is why the toenails suffer the most from moisture build-up.

Bearded men are at risk ingrown hairs on their feet. When the beard is trimmed or shaved barefoot in the shower or bathroom some can fall o to the floor. Soften skin of the feet after a shower can allow the sharp end of the freshly trimmed beard to embed into the skin.

The trimmed or shaved hairs under microscope are razor sharp and if stood on at the wrong angle can easily penetrate the skin. They work themselves in when walking and can lead to very painful skin lesions. The podiatrist can look under microscope and determine the origin of the problem and remove the ingrown hair with immediate relief. The photo below shows a hair from a bearded man about 2 days into work in itself into the foot. It should be noted that no hair grows on the soles of feet. There are no hair follicles there.

Dermojet is the fastest treatment for warts and Verrucae. It works by administering a weak acid into the tissue to the deepest parts of the roots of the wart. The action of the Dermojet also erupts the virus on the tissues. It is usually a one-time treatment with very large warts and verrucae the size of eggs sometimes need a second session because of their size.

The Dermojet feels like a slap on the area followed by numbness. The area then becomes black and after five days the body dehydrates the tissue and brings the dehydrated wart / verrucae to the surface and it falls off like a black diamond / raisin like structure.

At the Dubai podiatry Centre we have various types of orthotics. Our 3D orthotics are made exactly for the shape of the foot. Our 4D orthotics are also made for the shape of the foot but the extra dimension involves an additional moving part which moves the foot into a different position. For example 3-D orthotic that are made exactly for the shape of your foot will hold your foot in exactly the same position – just like a mouth guard is made for the exact position of your teeth. The 4D orthotic changes the existing shape of your foot just like dental braces move your teeth into a new position. That is the simple difference between 3D and 4D orthotics.

Toenails can look darker when they are thicker and also more curved. When the toenail curvature is excessive, it puts pressure on the skin underneath and makes it look grey. It also encourages the nail to grow thicker due to lack of oxygenated blood to the nail root due to the excessive curvature of the toenail plate.

Usually the initial problem is that the toenail is too wide for the toe and the nail starts to curve. When this happens, the toenail starts to look slimmer but thicker and then starts to darken in colour.

Make an appointment with the podiatrist to check your toenail. Treatment options available to regain the colour and health of your toenail back to its original health.

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Many women and men want to make their feet slimmer and smaller. Being told to just wear wider shoes is not the answer anymore. It’s similar to having crooked teeth and wanting straight teeth and being told ‘just don’t smile’.

The Footerella System addresses three parts of the foot. The bones, the muscles and the ligaments all control the shape, width and length of the foot. The foot can be made smaller by lifting the three arches in the foot. There are 3 insoles inside the Footerella System that are designed to lift the medial, lateral and the transverse arches. The Footerella System uses adhesive medical tapes to tighten the forefoot, which makes the foot slimmer. Finally, the muscles underneath and between the bones can be weak, especially if the feet are flat and wide. By using the Footerella EMS device on each foot, these electrical muscle stimulators tighten the muscles between the metatarsals making the foot slimmer and smaller. By lifting the bones in the feet, tightening the muscles and contracting the ligaments, the foot can easily become smaller and slimmer. The male version of the system is called Tri-Step and it changes feet from a range of sizes 52 to a size 42 and the women’s Footerella System changes feet from sizes between 43 to a size 37.

There are many types of fungal nail condition. This particular case shows a green fungal nail infection which is growing between the nail plate and the nail bed underneath.

In this particular case, the nail can be treated by totally removing the nail and anti-fungal medication apply directly to the nail bed and allowing the nail to fully re-grow. Make an appointment to see the podiatrist to discuss your individual fungal nail issues and which is the most appropriate treatment for your case.

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Nail polish is a waterproof barrier and toenails have moisture that comes up from the skin, under the toenail and out of the toenail plate into the atmosphere. If you continue to wear nail polish for too long, moisture builds up between the space of the nail and the toenail polish creating cracking and natural fungus increases and becomes white fungal craters on the surface of toenail. If this is caught early do not reapply nail polish to hide or cover it. Make an appointment with the podiatrist as soon as possible and the podiatrist will remove all the superficial cracking and apply a strong anti-fungal nail lacquer to kill any existing fungus and the nail will have immediate visual improvement.

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