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Foot complications are one of the most serious and costly complications of diabetes. However, through a care strategy that combines: prevention of foot ulcers by following the care tips below; attending the Podiatrist for regular (at least annual) Diabetic Foot Assessments; and specialised management with your Podiatrist for complications such as foot ulcers.


It is important to have an annual Pain Free Diabetic Assessment of your feet with your Podiatrist. Here we check the circulation and sensation of your feet. We also assess any problems that you may be having with pressure points, sores, callus€™s, nails and skin. And provide you with caring advice that increases your knowledge of Diabetes and feet.

Wound Management

There are different dressings at different stages of wound healing. Silver, manuka honey, high absorbency, moisture enhancing, vacuum negative pressure therapy. There is also footwear and the use of insoles for off loading etc that should be addressed to provide optimal healing. Vitamins such as vitamin C with zinc to help skin to repair. Interactions with the Diabetologist to get the blood glucose under control and also referrals to other specialist such as Ophthalmologist to keep eyes healthy. The Podiatrist will get your feet and lower limbs thoroughly checked to see if blood flow, nerve sensation is adequate for limb and foot health. Referral to vascular may be required to increase flow to the foot from the groin etc.


Podiatrists are experts at Diabetic foot ulcers. We address why they happened in the first place, remove the risk factors, use the latest in wound healing and change the way your foot strikes the ground. We most likely will be in contact with the vascular specialist to discuss ways to increase the flow of oxygenated blood to the foot. We may use the services of hyperbaric chamber to get oxygen rich blood to your feet etc. It is a completely bespoke service rather than routine dressing service.

Insoles & Shoes

We cab use silicone to mimic fatty padding if the padding has gone and the bones are imposed upon the skin which can leady to skin break down and ulcer. We can use memory foam to cradle the foot creating even distribution. If there is a collapse of bones in the feet causing a high-pressure area we can make an alignment orthotic so that the load moves through the foot, as it should reducing high-pressure area. Please have a look at the various types.


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