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Diabetes & Footwear

Diabetes and good footwear
Diabetes can lead to poor blood circulation. This decreases the circulation getting to the legs and feet which can cause injuries in the feet to heal poorly and can create ulcers, changes in shape of the feet, and loss of feeling.
Be careful when buying new shoes.
This can lead to rubbing of the skin and development of a foot ulcer.
Buy new shoes in the afternoon/evening when your feet are at their largest size.
Have your feet accurately measured by the store staff. Be aware that your foot size and shape will change with age!
Most commonly due to decreased sensation €“ Neuropathic Diabetics buy shoes that are too small as they are unable to feel the sides
Going bare foot increases your chances of damaging your skin
Wearing cushioned, supportive footwear with good quality socks is essential for all Diabetics

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