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People with Diabetes should pay extra special care to their feet.
Those who lead a healthy lifestyle with well controlled Diabetes and get annual feet checks should continue to have fantastic trouble free feet.
Those who have untreated diabetes or live a poor lifestyle are more likely to develop complications which include blindness, kidney and heart disease, stroke and loss of limbs.
Diabetes often leads to poor blood circulation. This decreases the circulation getting to the legs and feet which can cause injuries in the feet to heal poorly and can create ulcers, changes in shape of the feet, and loss of feeling.
Diabetes and the UAE Facts:
Prevalance of Diabetes among citizens of the UAE is second highest in the world
20% of UAE Residents have Diabetes
25% of Emirati Nationals have Diabetes
Up to 90% of people with Type 2 Diabetes were shown to be triggered by lifestyle factors, like poor diet and limited exercise

Diabetes = poor blood circulation Decreased circulation getting to the legs & feet

Reduces the amount of Oxygen Injuries to heal poorly/slowly
and Nutrition getting to the skin Ulcers & Infections
& tissues
Swelling & Dryness of the feet

Treatment and Prevention
Have an annual Pain Free Diabetic Assessment of your feet with your Podiatrist. Here we check the circulation and sensation of your feet.
Wear cushioned, supportive footwear
Check your feet Daily for cuts, sores and hard skin €“ Use a mirror if needed
Wear shoes and socks at all times to limit chances of €˜friction sores€™
Dry between your toes
Do NOT use corn pads or attempt self removal of hard skin €“ see a Podiatrist
Control your Diabetes
Make healthy lifestyle choices with Diet and Exercise
Keep your blood sugar levels normal
Stop Smoking
Work with your GP to create a plan that fits you

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