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Foot Talk Fridays : Bunion corrector and toe aligner

February 1, 2020 by Dubai Podiatry Centre0


Welcome to Foot Talk Fridays!

Today we are going to discuss options for bunions. 

A bunion is where the toe and this area go across like this. What we want to do is straighten the toe and we want to help bolster the big toe straight. So, we’re going to do two things. 


  1. We’re going to put some tape on to the toe. If we are going to straighten the toe we would use something called Beauty and the Bunion tape. We just remove the tape like this and we are going to put it on the side of the toe. So, we would put it here and pull it straight down the side of the toe like this. Stick it down, and now you see this tape straightens the toes. 
  2. Now what we are going to do is give the tape some help if the toe is very bent over. We do that by making some silicone in between the toe. Now I’m going to show you how to make some silicone. We are going to use some silicone putty and a catalyst. We are going to make a little disc like this, now we’re going to use some catalyst on to it and we are going to mix it all together. The silicone is very oily and the reason it’s oily is so that when it goes in between your toes it doesn’t give you a blister or anything like that. Then what we do is we fashion it into a shape that goes in between the toes. The silicone works by straightening the first toe by borrowing the second toe and then we wait a few minutes until the silicone sets.

And now this is what the silicone putty looks like. When you remove it, it holds its shape but it will always feel like an eraser or silicone rubber and it’s very oily so it doesn’t hurt your skin. Then you just slot it back into place between the toes. 

You normally wear something like this for about two to four weeks and sometimes up to six weeks. You can sometimes change them every two weeks depending on how much the toe tilts across your foot, so you can make a few of these in stages and the toes straighten up. A Podiatrist would make this for you. So there’s the silicone toe prop and when you remove it it looks something like this.

You can wear this while you are walking around and this helps to push the big toe across and straight and the tapes help to keep the toe straight. 

So, we use two things to keep the big toe straight. If you have hallux valgus or bunion formation this helps as well. You can wear this walking around during the day time because with some other bunion splints you can only wear at night time. I hope that’s useful for using silicone patty and Footerella beauty and the bunion tapes. 

I hope you enjoy your Friday and thank you for watching Foot Talk Fridays.

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