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Foot Talk Fridays : Footcorns

October 26, 2019 by Dubai Podiatry Centre0


Welcome to Foot Talk Fridays!

Today we’re going to talk about corns on the feet. You can get corns on the small toe or you can get corn underneath the bones here. Now, when a corn forms it’s either because the shoe presses on the bone and the skin gets squeezed in between and the body protects itself by building up hard skin, or if a bone is dropped down underneath the foot.

One of these bones here holds the metatarsals when the heads of these bones (or we can call them the knuckle of the feet). When these dropped down, the body defends itself by building some hard skin underneath, and the hard skin gets harder and harder. That is what we call a corn, it is pure hard skin.


So, to fix it of course we can drill out the corn but it will keep coming back because the bone dropped down. What we do is we have to lift the foot here so we could use something like this for the person to wear underneath the foot, using this small ball-shaped pad to lift these bones back up, so that we don’t have the corn coming back again.

We also need to make the foot tighter again to help squeeze the metatarsals to keep it up. To do that we would use something these tapes – they bind the forefoot together and you would apply here every day for 2 weeks to lift these bones up.

Then, these red muscles that we can see on the foot – these should be intensified and that’s what these tiny little electro muscle stimulators are used for. You can put them on your foot for about 10 minutes a day and that innovates these muscles here, so this is for muscle innervation. This is neuromuscular tapes and that’s to keep the ligaments together (the ligaments here are highlighted blue).

Finally, you must wear something like this for about 3 months to lift the ball of your foot pad, but we have to do it gradually just like dental braces capitated too quickly we have to do it in stages so we would lift you up 5 degrees, lift you up 10 degrees and then lift you up 15 degrees to to get the transverse arch lifted back up again and finally if it is an issue with the corn on the right side of the 5th toe, we would simply ask you to stand and we would draw around your feet using a pencil and trim out the shape then we would match your foot guide to your shoe just to show you your 5th toe is extending beyond the width of the shoe and would ask you to get wider shoe, that how we are going to fix the problem of the 5th toe. So hope that helps for foot corns and enjoy your Friday.

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