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Foot Talk Fridays: Hot Foot relief tapes for Cyclist

February 22, 2020 by Dubai Podiatry Centre0


Welcome to Foot Talk Fridays!

Today we are going to talk about ‘hot’ feet. So, hot feet is something that cyclist can get when they do a lot of cycling and the ball of the foot here begins to burn after cycling. Sometimes it can start to burn only after 25km, other times 50km or 75km. This part of the foot begins to burn and what I’m going to do is explain what the anatomy of the foot occurs that makes the problem happen.

So, what I’m going to do is show you why you can get burning on the ball of the foot here while cycling. There are three arches in the foot – there’s one arch here, then there is the biggest one that everybody knows about on the inside of the foot, and then there is another transverse arch here. Now, most people lose this transverse arch and when that happens these metatarsal bones through here drop down and the nerves in between here get pinched. This can make the foot become numb and makes the foot ‘burn’ during exercise in this area here.

So, we do something to keep these three bones positioned upwards and pushed in to the skin.

Say, this is the foot and we’re going to get some tape and put this on to the foot to squeeze and lift the transverse arch back up again. We put this across the foot, and the best time to do this is actually outside of cycling. You want to do this every day for about 2-4 weeks. When you put this on you must make sure that you squeeze the foot together to form the transverse arch. For the last one, you put this one up underneath the toes to pull the fat pad back down that has migrated up under the toes. 

So, you would wear this every day for about 2-4 weeks and you change it every morning, wear it all day, and that would lift the transverse arch back up again so that you do not get burning, numbness or pain in the ball of the foot.

This product has a two week supply so if you would need to use it for both feet, you need to get two packs. 

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and thank you for watching Foot Talk Friday! 



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