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Foot Talk Fridays : How we make custom foot arch tapes

November 2, 2019 by Dubai Podiatry Centre0



What we’re going to do is take the cast of the foot with the patient non-weight bearing because we want the arch to be the highest. When the patient stands, the arch collapses – we want the foot shape to be at the highest arch. 

And now we’re going to let the plaster dry then it’s time to remove the casts.Here we have the perfect arch of the foot and shape of the whole foot, and I’ll show you how we’re going to use this later. 

Now that we have taken the cast of the feet, we want to make a pad that is going to give her an excellent arch support and anchors her heel to the forefoot.

So, what we want to do is make something that comes around her heel area – up around the outside of her foot up behind the toes, round here, and as high up on the arch as we can possibly go, and back round again.

This is what we want to do, something that doesn’t finish at the side of her foot here otherwise it will irritate. So, it must come up the side of the foot to underneath just behind the toes. Up around the side of the arch because we want to help lift the arch right up. This is not as high as we’re going to lift the arch, this is just where the pads going to pull the arch up and then we want the pad to come up and around here so we’re going to make something that is going to be the shape. Then we’re going to do it for the other one also. 

So, we’re going to make it come up underneath the toes. Up round the side of the foot, around the heel area, and as high up on the arch as we can possibly go, and back down to meet the toes just around here. We’re going to make something that fits just there on to the foot and takes up very little space.

Now that we’ve taken cast of your feet, we’ve made this specially for the shape of the foot and this one especially the shape of the other foot. 

We’re going to start with the left foot. This pad, as you can see, is specially made for her foot so we’re going to put this onto the foot. We’re just going to pull that foot back a little bit and we’re going to put it underneath the toes and press it quite firmly (notice that we’re not taking the paper all the way off yet – press firmly then we’re going to remove the rest of it).

When we put this on we’re only going to pull it and we ask the patient to relax the foot so that the arch is much higher. Now we’re going to put the pad and secure it firmly around the heel by pulling the tabs up at the side like this and along the outside edge. We have tightened everywhere apart from we’ve not stuck it down in the arch yet. With the patient’s foot completely relaxed it makes the arch much higher – this is the last part we’re going to stick.

When you do this you really pull the tape up and underneath the foot like this onto the top of the foot. So now it makes the arch really strong and secure and this material doesn’t stretch so it won’t allow the arch to drop down.

Now we’ll put it onto the right foot, same thing again. We’re going to take the paper off of the closed curve side and we’re going to put it underneath the toes and press down firmly then we’re going to ask the patient to relax the foot so that the arch drops and you can see how the foot is compared to when they pull up the foot up and the arch gets flatter. So, we’re going to relax the foot and make the arch high.

We remove the rest of the paper backing and then bring it to the heel, place it, and then bring the tabs up. They’re specially cut so there’s no wrinkles around that heel when we curve it around. Then you put it up on the outside of the foot and you will notice we haven’t stuck it yet to the arch and there is a space inside here.

This is the last thing that you do is you then absolutely pull the tape up as tight as you can and lift up and secure on to the arch. Now you can see the arch is very nicely held up and this material doesn’t stretch, it curves all around the heel like this so that there’s no wrinkles and that gives them some extra strength for the plantar fascia and heel pain.

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