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Foot Talk Fridays : Sweaty Smelly Feet

November 30, 2019 by Dubai Podiatry Centre0


Welcome to Foot Talk Fridays!

Today we’re going to talk about some people that have an embarrassing problem called sweaty, smelly feet.

With sweaty, smelly feet it is normal for your feet to sweat, but if the sweat is contained inside socks and shoes for a bit too long the normal fungus that’s on your foot can start to grow and that’s what gives a musty smell to the feet.

Not only do we have fungus on our feet, we also have bacteria. We have good bacteria and good fungus, but if you give this warm and damp conditions the bacteria and the fungus can thrive and that’s what can give a very strange odour to the feet which some people find offensive and embarrassing to their self. To explain the


skin on the foot, there’s a reason why a lot of foot odour sprays don’t work to alleviate the symptoms. We’ve all had cases of smelly feet, you know if you’ve been stressed or something there is some hormone that is released in the body and it can make the body smell in an unusual way but as soon as you have a shower it washes off.

There are other times where the bacteria and the fungus actually take hold and penetrate the deeper layers of skin. I have a little example of layers of the skin.

In the foot, there are five layers of skin and it takes 28 days for the baby skin layer here to grow up to become the top player that you would normally see on the outside of your skin (ignoring hard skin).

If you get a fungal infection and a bacterial infection, they creep into the deeper layers of skin so any foot odours spray or salt bath that you used for your feet or perfumes that you use only address the top layer (and maybe if you’re lucky the second layer). But the third and other layers here still have a bacterial and a fungal infection and that’s what gives the strong odour.

So, when you come and see a podiatrist we will normally use a strong medicated treatment to get through all the layers of the skin. That takes a course of six weeks and normally we will use a strong gel or cream to penetrate all the way through the five layers of the skin, not just the top two.

To get rid of foot odour it normally takes six weeks to clear the foot odour from all of these layers of the skin.

If you have smelly feet or extra sweaty feet, come and see us. If you don’t have bad foot odour but they just sweat a lot, there is something that we can do for the feet that closes the sweat pores so that the feet don’t sweat too much (but we do want the feet to sweat little bit – it’s a self-cooling regulatory system that the body has).

So, if you think you’re sweating too much, come in and see us and there’s something that we can do for you to close the sweat pores. Or if you have bad smelling feet according to you then come and see us also there are some anti-fungus and antibacterial gels that we can use that penetrate through all five layers of the skin. Then those five layers of skin can grow out over six weeks to reveal the fresh, healthy, new skin without a bacterial or fungal infection.

Enjoy your Friday!

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