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Foot Talk Fridays : Tips and Tricks for healthy feet

November 23, 2019 by Dubai Podiatry Centre0



Welcome to Foot Talk Friday!

Over summertime we’ve got so many travellers going to nice destinations and doing a lot of walking in shoes that they normally wouldn’t wear so much, like walking shoes with socks, and maybe they are used to wearing sandals here in the Middle East.

So, when your skin is very baby soft around the edges you can get blisters, calluses and corns. What we recommend is something that is really light and it fits in your bag (even your purse or wallet), it takes up no space.

We have ones like this, we call these toe pads or bunny pads (actually we call this a bunny nose because it’s so soft – but no bunnies were harmed in making of these!).  And you put it on your fifth toe like this so if you’re wearing strappy sandals, or you’re wearing high-heel shoes, or you’re wearing a business shoe, or sports shoes that might feel like it’s rubbing on the toe from the London heat and sweat right now.

That’s why I would recommend putting bunny pads – keep them for the whole family so if somebody complains about a hot spot on their foot you can put that on. 

You can also put them on the second toe or the third toe, a lot of people come back after summertime with bursas on their toes – they sometimes look like little swellings on the top of the toes and they sometimes think that they’re corns. So, if you use this when your toes are gripping a little bit and rubbing on the top of the shoe it prevents from bursa and discoloration of the skin.

Then these ones if you’re wearing shoes you’re not used to (like the heel on one of the shoe because there’s always one bigger foot and one smaller foot for almost all human beings) is that one of the bigger foot can rub and press on the back of the heel a little bit, so this would go in the back of the shoe on the heel area and that instantly stops hot spots and stops a blister from forming.

You can also use them behind the big toe – most people get hard skin behind the big toe and along the side of the foot. So, you can use the long pads (we call it bunny ears) behind the big toe where you get calluses and burning as well.

Then finally we have the bunny face. You can put this under the ball of your foot so if you’re wearing high heel shoes or your sandals gets sweaty and you’re slipping or something like that, you can just put this behind your toes under the ball of your foot like this. So, if you’re wearing high heel shoes or doing a lot of walking it cushions the ball of your foot. You can also use it on your heel for extra cushioning (it’s a perfect size for your heel).

But there is another handy trick to this pad and it’s where you can actually put it up underneath the arch of your foot. For example, your arch is hurting from doing a lot of standing and walking and normally people get one arch that hurts them because we all have a pelvic tilt because we have a leg length discrepancy (it is totally normal). Say for example the arch of your foot is here, if you stick this pad underneath your arch and you pull it up it helps to lift your arch and to keep it up. So, there’s a lot of handy different ways that all of these little pads can help your feet.

These pads have been taken to the top of Everest, from one side of the pole to the other side of the pole, they have come in handy with a lot of adventures! The weight is hardly even anything, but if you’re going to go hiking, go on forest walks, or you are going to do lots of walking in cities like Rome, London or Paris that you’re not normally used to doing – definitely take them in a little pouch in your bag and anybody in the family that complains about a hot spot then they are absolutely perfect to use.

Enjoy your Friday!

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