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Foot Talk Fridays : Tri-Step Tapes

October 12, 2019 by Dubai Podiatry Centre0


Welcome to Foot Talk Friday!

Today we’re going to talk about tightening the forefoot particularly in men’s feet.

So, the forefoot, this is called the plantar fascia and this keeps the structure of the foot together, but there are ligaments underneath all of this area (we’ve highlighted them blue so it makes it a little bit more obvious to see). These blue ligaments hold the knuckles of the foot together and when these get a little bit stretched and create some spaces between the metatarsals the foot gets wider – a bunion and a bunionette can start to form.

And that’s where the Tri-Steps Tapes come into play. So, the tri-steps tapes we use across the forefoot in these areas here, and we also use other tapes across the forefoot to tighten, and more tapes along the big toe to straighten the toe if the big toe has already started to become an issue.

On the diagram that we’re showing you just now shows how to apply the tapes. There’s ways to apply the tapes to squeeze the forefoot together again and there’s way to apply the tape to pull the fat pad back down to where it’s supposed to be when the transverse arch collapses.

Forefoot alignment is easily corrected in most cases with something like Tri-Steps Tapes.

Tri-Steps Tapes are neuromuscular tapes and what you do is you peel them off the paper backing like this and the material has a hypoallergenic sticky quality to it. If you can just see it slightly glistening in the light, the tape has lots of little waves into it. In these little waves when it stretches onto the foot, you can see air holes begin to form, so it does allow the skin to breathe as we are putting the tape on. It’s also got elasticity properties so that when we put it onto the foot, we place it on like this, we can pull and stretch the tape to go around the foot and make the foot tight here.

So, these neuromuscular tapes are very effective in the forefoot alignment system and that’s what Tri-Steps Tapes are for. 

Have a good Friday!

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