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Foot Talk Fridays : Warts Suck – Gentle Wart Removal

September 6, 2019 by Dubai Podiatry Centre0
Welcome to foot talk Fridays and what we’re going to discuss today is the Wart Suck, so it’s a simple little home use device for helping to clear warts/verrucas or plantar warts or specifically on the sole of the foot. It is common with children and adults anywhere that there are watery areas in feet. (water parks, communal swimming pools, gym shower room) that sorts of thing.
Inside the pouch there’s a little bottle of cold press rose hip oil and that’s also natural anti-inflammatory so it helps in the area that is quiet tender and painful. You can get a Plantar Wart anywhere on the sole of the foot. So say for example you have wart around this area, what you would do is you put some of this cold press rose hip oil onto the area and then you get the small device and you squeeze it to get all of the most area and you press against over the top of the plantar warts and then release and it stays onto the foot like that for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes if it doesn’t fall off by itself you can just remove it by pulling on it or if it releases during the 10 minute cycle you just squeeze again and apply it but don’t do it for more than 10 minutes at a time. Now for larger ones, I mean the Plantar Warts can go quiet large, you can use the largest size suction cup for it but we’re just showing you the smaller one because the foot model is quiet small.
So you do this every day morning, evening, afternoon whenever you want to you can do three times a day or once a day but the whole point about this is to get your body to identify and bring more circulation to the area because your body can fight the virus all by itself so all we want to do is bring more circulation to the area. The wart virus is  extremely clever. It penetrates through the skin cells and takes over the capillaries and kills the capillaries, those were tiny threads and it’s like little blood vessels and in turns them black when they die and it really invades the area but it doesn’t kill the nerves that’s why it grabs a nerves and pulls them into one little bundle that’s why they can be quite painful so this is what you leave on your foot for 10 minutes at time you can put on morning time, afternoon time, evening time but not more than 10 minutes at a time and when you remove that it will have a raised area of skin there and that’s normal it will go back down it again you may feel some tingling as well because the virus does keep the nerves alive so it keeps up tingling for a while after you use it.
If you’re diabetic be very careful using it, if you have any circulate problems and sensory problems be careful using it and consult a Podiatrist or your G. P. to make sure it’s safe to use.

This is an actual product it is cold press rose hip oil like I said before so it’s a natural anti inflammatory and it is organic so there’s no pesticides that used in the production of it so it’s totally natural and safe for children to use in particular and very good for the children to use because it is more or less painless just a little bit suction for them. Alright have a good Friday.
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