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Everyone has a different style of running. High arched feet will mainly run on the forefoot only, due to a helpful anomaly in the ankle making them supreme sprinters. Moderate arched feet heel strike and follow-through to toe-off and require all 3 arches in the foot to be helpfully supported to allow maximum endurance racing efforts. Flat feet are usually premature pronaters, which give them immense power in their legs but lack the power of push-off due to the inactivity on the spring in the arch.

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Heli-skiing, remote adventure skiing and Ski – Dubai have all become very popular in the desert! Due to ease of travel our patients can fly to other countries during ski season or pop in to Mall of the Emirates to go skiing. Calf cramp and forefoot numbness and knees together are common problems we see in skiing. Most of the actually biomechanical correction of the foot and lower limb is done outside the ski boot in work and sports shoes.

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A multidirectional sport, tennis involves sudden stops, lunging and jumping. Tennis is prone to cause acute (sprains) and overuse injuries. Custom orthotics can address poor foot/ankle biomechanics and encourage normal foot function to help stabilize the foot during sudden, rapid movements and can ultimately benefit your on-court speed, power and reactivity. Everything down to the cover of the orthotic is important – too smooth and you will slide on them, too rough and the sock will get stuck to the orthotic and cause friction blisters.

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We have a famous condition for cyclists that we call ‘hot foot’. The toes and forefoot can become numb and at worst is can feel like it is on fire. The need to remove the shoe and massage the forefoot to get the circulation back to the foot can be common. Much of the time this happens because the little known forefoot arch collapses. The metatarsals in the forefoot (foot knuckles) fall all in line with each other and the compression of the slim cycle shoe causes the intermetatarsals to pinch the nerves in between them causing numbness.

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Dubai is crossfit crazy. The main problem we see is injury to the arches of the feet from unsupportive footwear during weight sessions. We recommend buying a shoe made specifically for crossfit as it has a much denser sole to cope with the added weight and subsequent compression to the sole of the shoe. Arch injuries can occur if the ankles lean inwards and the feet arches are flattening.

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Power Lifting

We work with Olympic lifters and strongman and power lifters. The muscles and tendons to their feet are extremely strong as they are lifting very heavy weights including their body weight all-leading through their feet. Problems can arise from a normal leg length discrepancy throwing of a shoulder leading to injury.

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The most common condition we treat in Pro Golfers in actually a leg length discrepancy rather than a foot problem. At the highest levels of the sport, a normal leg length discrepancy can actually be a huge problem. As time goes on the body gets stronger with activity. Every human being has one leg longer than the other. It depends on the difference of the discrepancy relative to height and activity levels.

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Football & Rugby

Football and rugby boots are flat so as to reduce the risk of an ankle sprain caused by moving from side to side. This can cause pain in the back to the Achilles tendon though, usually on one side only. It usually forms on the longer leg heel. This can easily be fixed with an orthotic placed into the football boot / rugby boot.

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