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We have a famous condition for cyclists that we call ‘hot foot’. The toes and forefoot can become numb and at worst is can feel like it is on fire. The need to remove the shoe and massage the forefoot to get the circulation back to the foot can be common. Much of the time this happens because the little known forefoot arch collapses. The metatarsals in the forefoot (foot knuckles) fall all in line with each other and the compression of the slim cycle shoe causes the intermetatarsals to pinch the nerves in between them causing numbness. If the condition progresses the blood vessels can get pinched also leading to burning pain in the forefoot and smaller toes and the need to stop and remove the shoe is strong. A small pad in the forefoot of each cycle shoe will help. This costs about 100 DHS. The actual correction of the forefoot collapse is actually achieved in the work and sports shoes over the course of 6 weeks.

The real work is done outside of the cycle shoe. A serious lift of the forefoot and mid-foot is done with a custom casted molded orthotic and this can cost around 8,400 DHS. Once the foot is back into it’s proper position the orthotic can be adjusted to a ‘normal’ maintenance orthotic that can be kept in the shoe for comfort. Most of our patients become just as obsessed with their orthotics as we are and find shoes without the luxury of their foot molded shape to be boring and bland. Have a look at our cycle orthotics and cycle shoe pads link to cycle orthotics

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