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Football & Rugby

Football and rugby boots are flat so as to reduce the risk of an ankle sprain caused by moving from side to side. This can cause pain in the back to the Achilles tendon though, usually on one side only. It usually forms on the longer leg heel. This can easily be fixed with an orthotic placed into the football boot / rugby boot.

Also common injuries at professional levels are metatarsal stress fractures. When the forefoot is flat this leaves the metatarsals at high risk of stress fracturing in the neck and shaft of the body of the bone. It is very easy to put an orthotic into the shoe to prevent this. As far as alignment goes, there are some foot shapes that are adventitious to the sport and we accentuate these foot shape qualities rather tan trying to fix them. Orthotics are specially designed for football and rugby boots as the boots already fit like a glove and any extra room is minimal. That’s why we have a special design orthotic that only touches the part of the foot that requires attention.

We call these WAVE orthotics. They move with your foot rather than against it. We see profession footballers with their coaches and physiotherapists frequently in the clinic from the Emirates and abroad when they come for holidays. We also have a huge amount of children at very high levels of football training that are very aware of their sport and feet and legs and is really a pleasure to interact and discuss the biomechanics of the lower limbs and feet for their sport.

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