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The most common condition we treat in Pro Golfers in actually a leg length discrepancy rather than a foot problem. At the highest levels of the sport, a normal leg length discrepancy can actually be a huge problem. As time goes on the body gets stronger with activity. Every human being has one leg longer than the other. It depends on the difference of the discrepancy relative to height and activity levels.

When there is a longer limb (usually with everyone) there is a calf muscle that gets bigger on the shorter leg, a tight IT band on the longer limb, a dropped shoulder on the longer leg side etc. It’s very easy to see and to treat. With time with abdominal on the shorter limb side become more compact and the mid-back muscles to the longer leg side also get stronger and more compact. So the problems of posture can actually worsen through strengthen in of certain segments oaf the body in reaction to the skeletal from being out a little. SO the more you play a sport the more it changes your body in a non-symmetrical way. But correction so quite straightforward and subtle.

An orthotic is made that has different properties inter each foot. It is worn for 6-12 weeks in all shoes. Once the body is within normal alignment the orthotics are changes again to then maintain the ‘perfect’ posture of the foot and lower limbs and pelvis. We do have Golf orthotics that keeps the forefoot up to prevent ‘hot fore-foot ‘ and ‘numb fore-foot’ for foot problems. . If you are looking for and full body alignment ‘tweak’ then come and visit Michelle Champlin, bring your golf shoes, sports shoes (not new ones) and shorts and we will get to work. No human being is symmetrical so in all cases are normal to be mis-aligned. It just causes repetitive common injuries that are avoidable in the highest levels of Golf competition.

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