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Power Lifting

We work with Olympic lifters and strongman and power lifters. The muscles and tendons to their feet are extremely strong as they are lifting very heavy weights including their body weight all-leading through their feet. Problems can arise from a normal leg length discrepancy throwing of a shoulder leading to injury. Or early onset arthritis due to the immense lifting forces going through the arches. Or a flattening of the arches of the feet casing an interior leg rotation leading to one side lower back pain and one side groin strain.

At the competitive level a pair of orthotics is made only for the shoe for this activity as it is designed to hold solid against extreme force whilst maintaining the pitch of the forefoot to rear foot. Other types are for arch support to prevent early onset arthritis in the mid-foot. The Podiatrist will assess and discuss which type of orthotic (if any) that you may find increases your performance

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