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Everyone has a different style of running. High arched feet will mainly run on the forefoot only, due to a helpful anomaly in the ankle making them supreme sprinters. Moderate arched feet heel strike and follow-through to toe-off and require all 3 arches in the foot to be helpfully supported to allow maximum endurance racing efforts. Flat feet are usually premature pronaters, which give them immense power in their legs but lack the power of push-off due to the inactivity on the spring in the arch.

The podiatrist will assess your feet and advise what treatment (if any) is required to get the most out of your foot and lower limb performance. Leg lengths are also examined. Every human being has one leg longer than the other as we are not symmetrical. However endurance runners may struggle with a tight IT band on one side. Sprinters may supper a tight hamstring on one side. Flatter feet may suffer media (inside) knee pain on one knee. Very easy to correct and get the alignment to within a normal range. Have a look at our orthotics for running for high arches, moderate arches, and flatter arches.

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