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Medical Footwear

February 2, 2017 by Dubai Podiatry Centre0

In our previous blog, we shared some tips on choosing shoes that benefit your feet. Sometimes, due to medical reasons, retail shops don’t offer shoes that fit, so specialist footwear might be recommended. (In many cases though, orthotics may be able to fit inside regular retail sports, school or leisure shoes to correct a foot issue such as flat feet).

Stock Footwear 
Stock footwear is specialist footwear which is available in a variety of styles and fittings, for example extra deep and/or extra wide. The manufacturers of this footwear provide size charts of optimal ranges for length, joint width, joint circumference and instep circumference, which are the measurements that are required to enable the fitter to decide on the fitting of the footwear. Their choice may also be based on the style of the footwear in relation to function, for example the addition of rocker soles or extra padding. This footwear is generally supplied with 3 × 3 mm removable liners that can be replaced with orthotic devices. Often these liners are made from a shock-absorbing material.

Bespoke Footwear
This footwear is made on a last specifically created for the individual, and often requires a plaster cast to be taken so that the footwear technician can visualize the problems and capture the dimensions of the lower leg and foot. Many measurements of the foot are required and these are recorded on a draft with instructions for the technician. This is very much a craft skill and is being updated with scanning technology and the use of CADCAM in the manufacture of both the lasts and the bespoke footwear.

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