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Pedicure Gone Wrong

Pedicures can be a lovely and relaxing experience when all goes well. A serious problem can arise when a pedicure goes badly wrong.

Sometimes the nail can be trimmed too much down the sides and this can lead to severe sensitivity of the nail plate pressing on the nail bed instead of the tough skin at the side where the nail is supposed to sit in its tracks. This tough skin is called the nail sulcus and should never be removed although most people refer to it as ‘hard skin at the sides’.

Another problem can be serious fungal nail infection that can occur from removing the safety barrier which is called the nail cuticle. We can explain the safety of the nail cuticle in terms of your bathroom. For example, the bath has silicone putty around the edges to stop water from leaking down the sides of the bath in between the space of the bath and the wall.

Without this special silicone seal, the water would become mouldy and fungus would grow in between the space of the bath and the wall. This is what the cuticle is there to prevent. It creates a seal where the nail goes under the skin into the root of the nail. Without the cuticle, moisture builds up in that space and starts a fungal infection which affects the nail root and starts to grow a fungal nail.

Incorrect nail cutting is one of the biggest ‘pedicure gone wrong’ problems that we see in our clinic at the Dubai Podiatry Centre. Usually a nail spike is left and creates a big infection as the body tries to reject the foreign object, which is actually part of the existing nail plate.

Another common problem is when the nail is cut away too much at the sides which can lead to irritation and most likely an infection.

If you have received a pedicure which has left you with sensitivity or infection, make an appointment as soon as possible with the Podiatrist to check the toenail status. Leaving it too long can lead to the toenail becoming so infected that the nail needs to be removed completely.

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