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Products for Flat Feet

December 6, 2020 by Dubai Podiatry Centre0
At Dubai Podiatry Centre, we treat a lot of issues with the biomechanical alignment of flat feet. Overpronation of the feet can most likely be the cause of imbalance and discomfort as your knees move inward, hips internally rotate and pelvis tilts forwards.

We have two main products to alter this which is the ‘Footerella System’ for women and the ‘Tri-Step System’ for men. Both of the systems have the same products in different sizes such as orthotics, foot binding tapes and electromuscle stimulators.

Firstly, in the Footerella and Tri-Step system you will find a range of three different types of orthotics to lift the medial arch and the transverse arch. Orthotics provide perfect support for overpronated feet which produces overall balance for your body. Depending on the severity of the flat feet, will determine how long you wear the orthotics for as it is altering the bony alignment of the feet.

Secondly, the electromuscle stimulators are used to tighten and strengthen the foot muscles. This is perfect for people are that adjusting to wearing orthotics and may feel some minor discomfort or aching feeling in their feet. It is also beneficial to use an electromuscle stimulator if you have been standing or walking for a long time. This device is most popular for people with occupations that require standing for lengthy periods of time such as in the military, cabin crew and teachers.

Lastly, the Footerella and Tri-Step system’s have foot binding tapes which helps to support the ligaments in the feet.


Overall, both systems are a perfect combination to help with biomechanical issues with overpronated feet which lifts the arch, strengthens the muscles, and supports the ligaments.


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