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In-toeing (Pigeon toes)


So we get many requests asking about their children and their children’s feet intoeing. Now, most of the time intoeing happens when the feet lean-in slightly and turn in towards themselves. It’s the opposite to what you would call duck feet where somebody would walk like a duck. We have pigeon toes or intoeing with the feet come together.

Some of the time, it can be because there’s a malformation of the bones in the leg. Some of the time it can be because there is a tilt of the pelvis which makes the feet lean-in. Sometimes it’s a ductess of the foot so the actual feet bended like bananas. So it’s important for us to check. Is it coming from the feet? Is it coming from the midfoot? Is it coming from your knee to your foot? Is it coming from your hip to your knee? So that’s why it does need to be checked. If it’s simply a ductess of the feet, we put something inside the shoe that tilts the foot and starts to tilt the other direction.

Normally takes six months to see the result from something like that because the first three months the muscles on the inside of the leg have got to stretch out takes about three months today.

So it’s important to find out what causes the intoeing in the first place and then to make a treatment plan from there.

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