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Podiatry is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with foot or lower limb problems, and involves the biomechanical assessment of the lower limb. How the leg and foot functions in relation to the rest of the body is very important. Problems in the foot can affect the ankle, knee, hip joints and lower back. Podiatrists can also treat skin and nail conditions such as fungal infections (e.g. athlete’s foot), verrucae, corns and calluses and ingrown toenails. Your Podiatrist is also an essential member of your health management team if you are Diabetic, performing annual (or more frequent) Diabetic Foot Assessment.

The correct alignment of the bones in your feet and ankles are very important and you should seek a Podiatric Assessment for your children at about the age of seven, as you would the Dentist. It is never too late to see a Podiatrist, and if you have not visited a Podiatrist before, you should attend for a Foot and Lower Leg Assessment in the first instance.

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