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Michelle Champlin B.Sc.Pod.,M.R.C.Pod.,S.R.Ch.,U.K.


Michelle Champlin, chief Podiatrist, member of the royal college of Podiatrists UK, is an expert in the lower limb foot by mechanics. Working with professional athletes,extreme sports Enthusiasts, problematic diagnosis, second opinion, biomechanical lower limb assessment. Michelle works with military, endurance, extreme skiing, powerlifting, professional golf, professional tennis, foot problems associated with female hormones, ligamentous back and lower limb problems associated with male hormones, bunions, children’s flat feet and walking problems. Recent innovations include dermojet treatment for plantar warts and verucca, footerella system for bunions, tri-step system for arch collapse, plantar fascia tape for heel pain.


Clinic Manager

Leslie Guarin

Leslie has been with the Dubai Podiatry Centre for 15 years.  Her expertise is a collaboration of medical, education and healthcare administration. She enjoys arts and crafts anything that sparks creativity and imagination.


Clinical Assistant

Faye Claudette Condez

Faye has 9 strong years of experience as a clinical assistant both in Philippines and the UAE. She is a self-confessed sneaker aficionado.


Graphic Designer

Milca Mendoza

Milca has been with DPC for 5 years. She has a vast experience as a professional graphic designer both in the Philippines and Singapore for 8 years. She has a penchant for the nicer things in life.


Clinical Assistant

Gee-Ann Dalaodao

Gee-Ann has been in the UAE for 10 years. She has a solid experience on both clinical and customer related industries. Her love for BTS (Kpop Boy Band) is an understatement.


Clinic Keeper

Charlyn Guarino

Char has worked in food, education and clinical settings as an office keeper. She loves watching movies / going to the cinema – Horror is her genre of choice.


Clinic Keeper

Jacquilin Aquino

Jackie has more than 8 years of experience as an office keeper in the UAE and KSA combined. Listening to mellow music is her daily version of coffee fix.

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