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Bunions! There are many different types of bunions.

Some are surgical and some are non-surgical so it is important to understand which type of bunion you have.

For example, for the non-surgical type we would put a corrective orthotic inside the shoe to get the ankle straight.

We would recommend toe socks to make the toes aligned and silicone dividers to get the toes in a straight position, and shoes to accommodate these.

We would also incorporate some foot exercises to get this foot back to full alignment and strength again.

In this case here, we have a foot where the bone has displaced. This would need surgery because the head of the bone has enlarged.

So, if we only do surgery in this case the ankle might still lean in and the patient will still suffer after surgery.

So again, we would do what we did in this case to get the foot in perfect alignment and strong before we proceed with surgery to remove the size of the bone.


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