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What is a corn?

A corn develops under the foot or on the side of the 5th toe where there is high pressure from either tight footwear or the bones in the foot have dropped down and pushing through the muscle layer into the skin layer. The body reacts in a normal way by producing hard skin in this area to prevent the bone under the foot pushing through the skin and creating a wound or ulcer.

If the bone continues to drop down and the bone position is not corrected then the skin becomes very concentrated and a pure keratin lump develops. This keratin lump is as hard as a toenail and diamond shaped inside the skin. When this stage starts to occur there is inflammation around the area which starts to create pain and a burning sensation. The outward appearance is a yellow to brown colour hard spot underneath the forefoot, on the sole of the foot.

What is the treatment?

A corn can be painlessly treated by removing the calloused hard keratin later this is a painless treatment using a Diamondhead small drill similar to what the dentist would use there is no pain or blood involved with this procedure very light pressure is applied to the corn as the diamond drill removes all the hard carotin stone of the corn simple dressing is applied with anti-inflammatory prior properties however the corner will just return unless the underlying problem that caused it is corrected.

Here we discuss further the different treatments for corns depending where they are on the foot.

Toe corn:
If the corn is on the fifth toe then the podiatrist will recommend wearing wider shoes to accommodate the actual foot shape and width. If the patient cannot change the footwear due to work commitments then silicone toe sleeves are used daily on the toe to protect. If not , then the corn will simply return again from pressure of the leather of the shoe. The silicone toe sleeve mimics the fet pad and prevents the corn returning as the bone feels it is padded by fat rather than just skin and bone and shoe pressure.

Corn under the foot:

Corns underneath the sole of the foot require a different treatment. Usually a corn underneath the foot is caused by the bone dropping and being pushed too close to the surface of the skin from the inside-out. If the body did not produce this hard skin and a very hard corn, the bone would protrude through the skin and cause an ulcer or wound. In this case we would use an insole to lift that bone back into its position similar to braces for the teeth for 6-12 weeks. We would also use a binding and taping method on the feet for 2-6 weeks to get the fat pad that is underneath the foot back into place called Footcorns TM. The patient would also use corns suckTM device to pull the skin and dermal layers back to their normal position using a small suction device that can be used at home. See our videos to show demonstrations of each.

Foot surgery to remove the corn is contraindicated as this leads to surgical scarring of the sole of the foot creating a neurovascular corn that cannot be fixed. It also does not correct the reason why the corn formed in the first place.

Visit the corn clinic for a thorough examination and treatment plan and immediate relief.


Corns Suck


This lovely pink silicone suction device is used to pull the corn out of your foot. Using the therapeutic skin nourishing and collagen replenishing oil with the Corns Suck! device , the inserted corn becomes everted…



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