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Work Shoes Orthotics

Work shoes are particularly important for your feet. If they do not fit correctly they can lead to corns and bunions. We are now seeing more males than females with corns to the 5th toes from tight fitting footwear. Also, if there is foot collapse then orthotics (specialist insoles) can be placed inside the work shoes. Our patients in Dubai are health and image conscious.

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The Difference

Insoles and orthotics are similar in the way that they assist your foot and fit into shoes. An insole is designed to assist the position of the foot and can help mild foot posture disorders. Insoles are approximately 700 DHS and can be customized and correct a foot alignment issue up to 5 degrees. An orthotic is a term we use to describe anything custom-molded to the foot.

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Kids Orthotics

Insoles and orthotics are sometimes necessary for some children foot and leg alignment issues. There are many issues that can affect the performance of a child in activities as simple as walking into school or competing in national games. Quick growth can also give children heel and knee pain. Michelle Champlin specializes in children’s lower limb biomechanics. There are different treatments of children at different ages and the Podiatrist will discuss your treatment plan with the child and their parents.

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Sports Orthotics

Sports orthotics are a particularly interesting and specialist field of orthotic therapy, and the specialist biomechanical foot assessment will take into account your specialist sport and footwear and requires an orthotic dedicated to the specific purpose and a thorough medical understanding of the dynamics and stresses involved.

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Our Products

The products that we use at Dubai Podiatry Centre are all hand picked and tested by Chief Podiatrist Michelle Champlin.

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