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‘Heel Buzz’ products which ease heel pain

October 26, 2020 by Dubai Podiatry Centre0
When people suffer from heel pain it can be extremely debilitating and frustrating due to the inconsistent nature and levels of pain. This can interfere with daily life and cause unnecessary stress.


Normally, heel pain develops overnight when you are resting so when you wake up in the morning and put your foot down from the bed it can be very painful. This is due to structures such as ligaments, muscles and bones that anchor into the heel bone which are straining and pulling away from the heel bone, especially if the foot arch is beginning to collapse. Therefore, the area becomes inflamed causing aches and pains.


In the ‘Heel Buzz’ box by Footerella, there are numerous products that can help with this problem. There are thick, soft cotton pads that stick to the feet with hypoallergenic glue that adds comfort to the heel area when walking and standing, and mini electro muscle stimulators which stick along your foot arch that creates electric currents to tighten and contract the foot muscles which helps to reduce a lot of the pressure in the heel area.


There are a couple of different ways you can use both of these products. For example, the EMS devices can be placed on the arch and across the forefoot on the sole of your foot which helps strengthen the inter-metatarsals. You may leave the EMS device on your foot for around 10-20 minutes to tighten the muscles and relieve the pressure and strain which is gathering in the heel area.


Secondly, the cotton pads can be used directly under the heel to give extra cushioning. Another way which you can place the cotton pad is half of the pad on the arch, the other half pulled up across to reach the top of your foot. This adds support and structure to your arch which eases some of the tension on the heel.



The ‘Heel Buzz’ is a quick, simple and efficient way to ease heel pain or tenderness if you have to stand for a long time for occupations such as a teacher, soldier, exhibitionist, cabin crew, chef, hairdresser, and so on. However, if this strain has occurred for a couple of months or more, then the ‘Plantar Fasciitis’ combination box may be more suitable.


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