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Diabetes and fungal infections


Poorly controlled Diabetes can lead to poor circulation, dry skin, decreased sensation and calluses. These can increase the chances of developing a fungal infection.
Fungus can cause itchiness, redness and cracking of the skin.
If the skin breaks down the fungus can cause infection under the skin.
If the blood glucose levels are high the extra Glucose feeds the germs making infection worse.
Fungal infections can be present on toenails as well €“ discolouration and thickening usually occurs.
Diabetes leaves a €˜sweet sweat€™ on your skin which is excellent for fungus to thrive. Just as you have to wash your hands before your blood glucose monitoring (otherwise the reading is very high due to the €˜sweet sweat€™ being present on your hands), care must be taken to wash, dry and moisturise the body and feet thoroughly.
Check your skin after you wash!
To treat fungus you need to see your General Practitioner or Podiatrist.

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