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Fungal Nail Removal

February 15, 2018 by Dubai Podiatry Centre0

There are many different types of fungal nail infection.

The nail plate can have a simple superficial fungal infection that can develop from wearing socks and shoes for too long, having toes that cross over one other and smother one nail or keeping nail polish on for too long. These types of nail fungus are very easily treated by cleaning the top of the nail. The Podiatrist will use a diamond drill to finely polish the nail like the dentist cleans your teeth with. Application of an anti-fungal nail lacquer on to the top of the nail will prevent further fungal growth for some time.

A deeper, more stubborn type of nail fungus is found in the nail root, nail plate and also under the nail plate on the nail bed. This type resistant to treatment with oral and topical anti-fungals.

The only way to clear this type of deep rooted fungal infection is to remove the nail plate from the root and apply antifungal medicine to the exposed nail bed and nail root. This will allow a fresh and healthy nail to grow back again and the natural shape of the nail to return rather than the curved and split fungal nail. See the photo of deep nail infection from before and after. The nail took 11 months to completely grow back and have 2 trimmings to look like this normal nail again. Make an appointment to discuss your fungal nail options.

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