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Michelle Champlin, Chief Podiatrist Personal foot care routine.

September 17, 2017 by Dubai Podiatry Centre2

1. Every morning for just 30 seconds I dry file the feet using a flat paddle foot file. It takes much more tough skin away than when it is used with water. I do this every morning like I brush my teeth. It has to be done. 

2. Every week I use an oscillating electric toothbrush with a soft head for my toenails at the side and underneath to give very shiny and clean toenails. It clears debris, moisturiser build up, dead skin etc and reduces the potential for nail fungus. It also helps keep the cuticle in place without using wooden sticks or instruments to push them back. I use Colgate white toothpaste with mine as menthol is fungicidal and freshens the nails. 

3. I moisturise my feet before bed with 10% urea cream. It inhibits fungal growth.  Feet naturally have a higher count of fungal spores. Using a normal body moisturiser / lotion can increase these and promote a fungal infection. 

4. I wear 5 toe socks or 5 toe stockings everyday depending on my outfit. They are more expensive than regular socks as they are more difficult to make. I like Injinji for toe socks and wear Japanese stockings with 5 toes. It prevents fungal infections between the toes. 

5. Skin protection. If I’m wearing high heels I wear bunny pads on the ball of my foot, 4th and 5th toes and a heel pad on my Achilles to prevent any blisters or skin discolouration. 

6. Sports shoes, to combat the abuse of high heels, I wear Footerella insoles. I wear 3 types; A mild, medium and high arched insole and swap them around each month to maintain my foot posture. 

7. Hiking. I wear Thuro hiking socks with my Salomon hiking boots. I wear a 3mm insole in my left boot due to abnormal leg length discrepancy which annoys my left knee and foot arch problem over 20km if I don’t wear it. I wear orthotics to tighten my foot muscles so that my feet are really strong after this activity. 

8. Walking. I walk 1 hour most mornings and 1 1/2 hours most evenings. I apply a strong mint foot gel made by CCS and then put my socks on. My feet feel alive and the sweat from walking helps the mint to activate the circulation to the skin in my feet. 

9. Fresh air and no nail polish. I go to the beach every Friday. I expose my nails so that the UV can brighten my nail beds. I also walk along the beach for 50 minutes. This helps to remove dead skin but it also toughens the more sensitive areas of the feet which is important for hiking season. When I come home I shower immediately. I use my electric toothbrush that is exclusively for my toenails with white Colgate toothpaste. Then I put on my silicone bootys and pad around the house for an hour organising and tidying. The silicone soothes the skin and moisturises. 

10. Every August I take a 1 month course of vitamin A which keeps the skin health strong. It helps to combat the verrucae virus which is common in water sports areas. It’s a preventative step and is also good for my eyes health. 



  • Erica

    September 18, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    This is amazing! I need to start my own foot care rituals 🙂


  • Sam

    September 26, 2017 at 11:31 am

    This is very much helpful! Thank you


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