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Ski Do’s For Feet

Skiing is an exhilarating sport, and an excellent work out for your body and legs in particular and it’s essential that your holiday is not ruined by ill fitting ski boots. Comfy boots will enhance your skiing holiday, by means of making it more enjoyable.

Even though you are not going through the normal motions of the gait cycle (heel strike, to toe off) it is important that your foot and ankle are in alignment. This helps to evenly distribute areas of pressure throughout your foot.

If you have had your ski boot canted it also essential to have an orthotic inserted into your boot. Both canting and orthotics work together to keep your foot in a perfect position (and improves your performance on the slopes, making you the envy of your ski buddies!)

The principle of orthotics made for walking differs for the function skiing. Here at Dubai Podiatry Centre, we can create specific custom made orthotics made specifically for both your feet and for skiing and are fitted into your ski boots.

We are here to make sure that you enjoy the skiing season and can assist you with reaching peak performance!
Some handy tips for sweaty feet when skiing:

• Sweaty feet can dampen your experience when on the slopes; your damp socks will quickly make your feet cold.
• Washing your socks with fabric softener will cause your feet to sweat more – avoid using when washing your ski socks.
• Use a foot deodorizer. If you forget to pack it, you can use an antiperspirant to keep your feet fresh.
• Take a spare pair of socks with you to change at lunch time. Your feet may be cold, wet or sweaty and a pair of fresh socks will make all the difference!

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